What doctors are saying ...

Lois Cole, MD
The most efficient, effective, and resonating exercise program I have ever experienced.

Shannon McGuire, MD
Super short, super safe... super effective, I'm surprised and pleased.

Chip Sternburgh, MD
At 1/2 hour a week, nobody is too busy to improve their health.

Marty Claiborne, MD
My back has been pain-free since I started the program two years ago.

Gordon Dubois, DC.
Helps my stay fit with my hectic schedule and sets me up for the week ahead.

Ron Aslett, MD
One of the most physically and mentally challenging workouts I've ever done.

John Barrett, DC
At first I was doubtful, but after four years of exercising 30 minutes a week I continue to improve.

Ed Bluth, MD
Well organized, well supervised, gets results.

Judy Champaigne, MD
Small time sacrifice, big strength/flexibility results. Decreased guilt for years of exercise avoidance.

Brooks Emory, MD
Has done wonders to help with dyspareunia!!!

Ron French, MD
For broken and breaking parts . a sensible and safe approach to rehabilitation.

Jody Dickerson, DDS
Made me stronger for everyday tasks with a minimum use of my time.

Matt Grimm, MD
It works, I'm stronger, and it fits perfectly into my schedule.

Travis Harrison, MD
Excellent program for busy people to stay in condition.

James Milburn, MD
I am now stronger than I have ever been working out just 30 minutes a week.

Christy Milburn, MD
I have become much more toned in a minimal amount of time.

Joel Nitzkin, MD
Excellent progress exercising once every two weeks, no trauma to arthritic hips and shoulders.

Phyllis Nitzkin, MD.
Minimal time, maximum toning for muscles I'd ignored for years.

Jennifer Parkerson, MD
Working out 30 minutes a week I am stronger now than I have ever been

Teppe Popovich, MD
Serious results, minimal time, and no guilt for not spending more time in the gym.

Chip Schultz, MD
Prevents sarcopenia,  in a few months I can see the results.

Dana Smetherman, MD
This workout helped regain my strength and muscle tone after the birth of my twins. it's super-efficient as well.

Greg Sossaman, MD
The intensity and efficiency of the workout are tailor-made for today's hectic lifestyles

Jerry St. Pierre, MD
It is what I've been looking for . great disciplined exercise.

John Steck, MD
Extremely efficient, and an overall great workout.

Scott Sullivan, MD
It is a unique and disciplined style of exercise that's very effective.

Michael Moses, MD
This workout has changed my life: I used to work out three times a week for an hour each time; now I work out three times a month for half an hour. I'm stronger and more fit. My back pain is gone, and my chronic knee inflammation is better than it’s been in years. Even my golf game is better. And I thought I knew about fitness...

What others are saying ...

Parker Sternbergh
I have been athletic all my life but have never felt this strong. I have been training with John Kelly for 4 1/2 years. I am 43 with a set of two year old twins. My performance and endurance in all the sports I enjoy have never been stronger. That's important to me because I want to surf and ski with my twins when they are teens. One half hour a week with John has made my body feel the strongest I can ever remember.

John Curren
I have been working with John Kelly since 1996. I continue to get stronger. After a year I had increased my weights to a point that I assumed that I could not improve further. However, more than six years working out once a week for less than 30 minutes I continue to get stronger. I recommend this program for any individual who wants to get in shape and stay there.

Laurence Cohen Louisiana Triathlete of the Year 2004
For twenty years, I have been one of Louisiana's top triathletes. At the age of 48, I was starting to see a decline in my performance against my competitors. Luckily, I was introduced to John Kelly and his weightlifting regimen. By incorporating John's program into my training schedule, I had my best year of racing in a long time. I felt stronger, recovered faster and only had to devote 30 minutes a week to weightlifting. It is like discovering the fountain of youth. It really does work.

Popular Bob Christ
I have had shoulder impingement problems since college, and little by little I was forced to abandon bench presses and overhead presses from my workouts because of intense pain. I felt I was wasting my time and money just working on the smaller muscles. But then I was introduced to the slow-motion workouts using the specially designed equipment. Muscles no longer were pinched between bones, and I was working to exhaustion on each set, not working until the pain was unbearable. And who wouldn't like working out only 30 minutes top each week. Sure, I still dread going to the gym, but now it's only once a week and not five times. And I never grow tired of receiving compliments. So, if you see me, say something nice.

Imelda Coleman
After years of running, walking, biking and swimming, I felt I had reached my maximum level of fitness. After speaking with John Kelly 2 and 1/2 years ago, I decided to try his method of training. I have seen my strength and endurance improve dramatically with only 30 minutes a week of training. I recommend Ultimate Fitness for anyone who wants to improve their over all fitness and health.

Kyle Kehoe
I have quit every health club I have ever joined. I have stuck with this for three years now. I am in the best shape of my life even after having twins.

Molly Anne Rothenberg, Ph.D.
I have been a client of John Kelly's for about three years. He is a terrific instructor—attentive to individual needs, smart, and funny. He makes the workout a blast. I credit John's instruction in weightlifting with my recovery from serious, debilitating back trouble. I am now stronger, more flexible, more mobile, and more active than I was BEFORE my disc problems. I have no more trouble with my back, thanks to the workout, and my energy and enthusiasm for life have increased tremendously. I work out with John about three times per MONTH for 25 minutes a session, and I continue to increase my strength and improve my health. This has been a God-send.

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