High-Intensity Interval Training Is Time-Efficient and Effective

From this Science News article, High-Intensity Interval Training Is Time-Efficient and Effective, Study Suggests:

The study, from scientists at Canada's McMaster University, adds to the growing evidence for the benefits of short term high-intensity interval training (HIT) as a time-efficient but safe alternative to traditional types of moderate long term exercise. Astonishingly, it is possible to get more by doing less!

And this:

The study also provides insight into the molecular signals that regulate muscle adaptation to interval training. It appears that HIT stimulates many of the same cellular pathways that are responsible for the beneficial effects we associate with endurance training.

The training method in the study consisted of doing a series of 10 one-minute sprints on a standard stationary bike with about one minute of rest in between, three times a week. High intensity interval training (HIIT) can also done by doing a series of strength training exercises with brief rest periods between each exercise. The advantage of this type of training over the stationary bike is that one can get a whole body workout addressing all the major muscle groups of the body and also have the desired cardiovascular effect. HIIT is the type of strength training we do at Austin Personal Trainersand New Orleans Personal Training.