What clients are saying, "I love this workout"

Number fifteen in a series about what clients have to say about their workouts.

Kathy is one of Timothy’s clients. Timothy is a trainer at Kelly Personal Training. Kathy is able to work out in spite of significant ailments. She had this to say about her training, “I love this workout. My daughter can’t believe that I am still with. On my most recent visit to the doctor my doctor was pleased - my blood pressure and my pulse is lower”.

Another client of Timothy’s also named Kathy (83 years old) had this to say,“I can do yard work for two and half hours now and not be exhausted”.

Regardless of condition or age one can get stronger. When one is stronger they improve their quality of life. As you become stronger you will find you will be able to engage in more activities, and this will further enhance your health. It all starts with strength. Just improve a little each week and over time you will feel years younger. High intensity interval training can be done by people of any age, and it is the type of personal training we do atPersonal Training Austin and at New Orleans Personal Training. 

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